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Post by Administrator on Thu 03 Apr 2008, 11:06 pm

Don't worry guys, I'm not gonna be a hardcore nazi administrator, haha.

Just a few rules!

1) Be nice! Half the reason a lot of forums fail is because of keyboard warriors abusing people they normally wouldn't be rude to offline because it could result in a cracked skull. The ability is diminished online, but it doesn't make you look any tougher. Keep it nice on the forum. If you want to have it out with someone, email/IM/PM/call them. Visit them for all I care, but don't do it on the forum. I'm not saying you have to be all fake polite. If you don't like somebody, use the ignore list in your profile. If you don't like their car, keep it to yourself. It's a simple rule: If you wouldn't say it to them offline, don't say it to them on the forum.

1b) Arguments. Heated discussions are fine. Arguments are fine. But don't build your argument around calling someone names. Argue about cars, and whatever else, but build your argument on relevant points. You're all adults, I think you can manage it

2) Racism and sexism are out. Enough said.

3) Sig images: Please keep signature images under 100px and 400px wide. It's easy to make a good looking sig image under 100x400px, so that shouldn't be a problem. Keep them clean, nothing that would be "Not Safe For Work"

4) Avatars: keep them clean, nothing that would be NSFW.

5) If you're linking images, try to re-host them before posting them. A lot of sites don't allow "hotlinking" (directly linking to an image hosted on their space), so the image won't display. Register a free Photobucket account, that's the best one because you can just paste the original link in and it'll save the pic for you automatically to your Photobucket account. Failing that, use ImageShack, ImageVenue, or a Flickr account.

6) Check your grammar and punctuation before posting. I don't expect scholarly posts, but try to make sure they're legible. Commas, periods, these are your friends. You wouldn't speak like a retard offline, so don't do it on AOC

7) First post must NOT be in the Classifieds section. If it is, it will be deleted and your membership status reviewed. This is a community site, not a dumping ground.

Cool Colours. Please note that the alternate colours in your posts are expected to be used sparingly. If you do feel the need to use colours other than the default font colour, please make sure it's a colour that doesn't clash too much with the AOC colours, and that it's not a colour that is difficult to make out against the background. Moderators may choose to delete posts that break this rule, as it's quicker than editing the post - it's not our job to spend time editing your posts, so be advised.

That's it!



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