Mitsubishi's new flagship performance sedan EVOX

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Mitsubishi's new flagship performance sedan EVOX

Post by Evo_Kid on Fri 12 Oct 2007, 2:00 am

Mitsubishi's new flagship performance sedan could head up a range of turbo Lancers Down Under

More details on Mitsubishi's new Evo X are coming to hand ahead of the car's official announcement next week. The long-awaited sports model of the all-new Lancer range was outed earlier this week (more here), ahead of the company's October 2 international media embargo.

Embargoes are typically applied to allow manufacturers to cycle large numbers of media through a car launch program. In this case, the embargo was broken by US outlets which published details and photos of the car from its launch in Hokkaido in northern Japan.

Officially known as the Lancer Evolution (Mitsubishi insiders assert "Evo X" is essentially a media creation), the new model will be launched in Australia next April.

It is the Carsales Network's understanding that final Aussie spec is yet to be confirmed, however, US sources suggest two versions will be offered internationally. These will be in addition to the turbocharged Ralliart version of the standard Lancer, also scheduled to be launched Down Under in 2008.

This means with the arrival of turbo and naturally-aspirated versions of the Lancer Sportback five-door hatch in late 2008, as many as four turbo Lancer variants could be on sale locally by the end of next year.

While the Ralliart Lancer is tipped to be priced to take on Subaru's new $39,990 Impreza WRX, the Evo X will remain a significantly more expensive proposition.

Mitsubishi remains tightlipped on local pricing but the potential of two Evo Xs coming Down Under indicates that the maker is keen to offer a model priced to take on Mazda's 6MPS, Subaru WRX STI, the hottest VWs and the like. Our guess is that this model would be pegged circa the Luxury Car Tax threshold (currently $57,009). The outgoing Evo IX was priced at $56,789.

The premium you'll have to pay for the full-house Evo X is yet to be revealed. It won't be cheap, however, and will feature Mitsubishi's trick new DSG-style gearbox and a significant upgrade in equipment levels.

According to US sources, the new Evo gets an uprated version of Mitsubishi's new 4B11 all-alloy DOHC four-cylinder engine. The last-generation Evo featured the cast iron block 4G63.

Power output is officially claimed as 206kW -- Japanese manufacturers' 'gentleman's agreement' limit for road-going vehicles. It's not known how realistic this claimed output is, or if the two EvoX versions will differ in tune and therefore 'true' horsepower and torque outputs.

Overseas reports indicate the base model Evo X will be known as the Lancer Evolution GSR. It will feature a new, stronger but conventional five-speed transmission and running gear that is in keeping with the standard set by the Evo IX.

The 'MR' top-of-the-ranger is said to receive more attention to NVH inside and out. Running gear meantime is uprated to include goodies such as BBS forged alloy rims and hi-spec Brembo brakes.

The big differentiator, however, will be Mitsubishi's new automated manual paddle-shift transmission. Similar in concept to VW's DSG system, Mitsubishi has dubbed the development Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission).

The six-speeder features three operating modes (Normal, Sport and S-Sport) which Mitsubishi claims are tailored to different situations "from around-town drivability to instant-response and follow-the-line sporty motoring on the open road". Like the VW system, SST stacks odd and even gears on separate input shafts and uses computer-controlled twin clutches rather than an auto-tranny-style torque converter.

The Evo X features Mitsubishi's latest generation all-wheel drive system. The company says the Super All Wheel Control (S-AWC) set-up combines the management of a number of drive, traction and stability related technologies into one integrated drive system.

In a relatively conventional configuration, the 'hardware' comprises a normal transverse front-engine set-up with output to the rear wheels via multi-section tailshaft. Like Mitsubishi's Outlander (which shares a platform with the Lancer family), the 'centre' differential is actually rear mounted and housed in the rear drive sub-assembly.

It's the S-AWC's brain where all the clever stuff happens, so get ready for acronym overload... S-AWC 'talks' to the Evo's Active Yaw Control (AYC), Active Center Differential (ACD), Active Stability Control (ASC) and Sport Anti-lock Braking System (Sports ABS) to deliver a further leap in handling prowess.

How much of a leap? US website claims the new car laps Mitsubishi's own 2.4km test track 2sec quicker than the outgoing Evo IX!

Hmmm... With all this technology at the finger tips, even website road testers should be able to go fast.


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Re: Mitsubishi's new flagship performance sedan EVOX

Post by sim on Fri 30 Nov 2007, 12:28 pm

ok anthony i must admit i havent been on in a while, but talking about lancers, i love the new lancer out! you know the one on the comercail BETTER LANCER!!
it cute and classy i like the shape of the lancer car there sporty and sleek!

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